Overbooked by Elizabeth Becker
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“Elizabeth Becker resurrects the long-forgotten stories and enormous sacrifices made by a generation of women who paved the way for the rest of us. Elegant, angry and utterly engaging, it is a long overdue story about a small band of courageous and visionary women. You Don’t Belong Here is a masterpiece of a book.”— Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us. 

“Elizabeth Becker has gracefully weaved admiring but clear-eyed portraits of three remarkable women who reported from its front lines. At a time when most female journalists were relegated to covering food, family, and fashion, these fought for a chance to take on the biggest story of their day — recording both the courage and the human toll of war, earning the amazed respect of soldiers, and making an indelible contribution to our understanding of the war, then and now.”―Mark Bowden, author of BLACK HAWK DOWN and HUE68

“Every journalist should read this stunning book.  Actually everyone should. Elizabeth Becker has that rare ability to weave the fascinating stories of three ground-breaking, very different women journalists with a riveting history of the Vietnam War.  She challenges you to see who these women were in a place they allegedly didn’t belong, while describing what and how they witnessed it.”―Anne Garrels, foreign correspondent for NPR and author of NAKED IN BAGHDAD



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Kate WebbThe Women Who Covered Vietnam

This year Australia put the journalist Kate Webb on a stamp to commemorate the country’s Veterans Day. It is a reproduction of a famous photo of Kate wearing a safari shirt, holding open her notebook while looking intently at the subject of an interview.

By recognizing Kate, who covered the Vietnam War for United Press International, as a “woman in war,” the stamp quietly acknowledges what has been glossed over in the annals of the conflict. Female reporters covered that war, rewriting the rules so that the phrase “woman war correspondent” would never again be an oxymoron…READ MORE

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Testifying at Khmer Rouge Trial


Testifying at Khmer Rouge Genocide Trial – February 2015
U.S. journalist Elizabeth Becker on Monday recounted dramatic stories at the Khmer Rouge tribunal of meeting Pol Pot in 1978 on a trip to Cambodia and later being awoken by gunshots as an academic in her traveling party was murdered.
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Ohio University, April 17 – 40th anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh and beginning of the Khmer Rouge rule

Nuon Chea queries Becker

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For Cambodia, an Oscar nod means much more than box-office gold
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"Becker writes history as history should be written"—The Financial Times