Overbooked by Elizabeth Becker
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“A meticulously reported and often disturbing expose of the travel industry”—The New York Times

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Overbooked – Reviews

“Tourism, the biggest industry in the world, is rarely thought of that way, author Elizabeth Becker says”
The National

“Tourism, the biggest industry in the world, is rarely thought of that way, author Elizabeth Becker says”
Portuguese language review published in Brazil’s leading newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo

“Elizabeth Becker is one of the best-known foreign correspondents to have reported from Cambodia, having interviewed Pol Pot during the Khmer Rouge years. Her latest novel investigates the wrongs of the tourist industry, and particularly Cambodia’s approach to Angkor Wat. Claire Knox spoke with her.”
Phnom Penh Post

“a comprehensive, often alarming, and sometimes puzzling examination of an oft-invisible powerhouse… Overbooked succeeds in demonstrating the growing heft of the travel industry and the numerous problems that are associated with it.”
The Weekly Standard

“Travel is a huge global industry, rivaling oil and finance in economic value. Now, a terrific reporter gives us a full picture of its dimensions and its future. Elizabeth Becker does so, not by loading us down with statistics but by taking us around the world to match up the daunting numbers with places, adventures, and even pitfalls that will keep you reading.”
—Steven Brill, author of Class Warfare

“Follow Elizabeth Becker on this trip around the world and become a more mindful traveler.  She is not only an intrepid globetrotter, but a terrific reporter who asks all the right questions!”
—Sylvia Nasar, author of Grand Pursuit and A Beautiful Mind

“Tourism is one of the world’s largest – and unexamined – industries. Elizabeth Becker takes us on a compelling journey across continents to show us just how essential tourism is to global prosperity. You will never book a room, ascend the Eiffel Tower, or see the sites in quite the same way again.”
—Zachary Karabell, author of Superfusion

“In the tourism industry, image is definitely everything, but Becker shows readers the flip side of all this luxury and play, exposing the seedy underbelly of a business gone haywire from Cambodia to the United States.”
—Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“Journalist Becker travels widely, experiencing and analyzing ‘the stealth industry of the twenty-first century.’ . . . Impressively wide-ranging . . . intriguing and eye-opening, this book will leave few in doubt that tourism deserves more consideration than it has hitherto received in larger discussions of globalization and public policy.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Timely and entertainingly personal”

“Becker does not offer a fluff piece on the joys of travel. Instead, she wants to show us how tourism is reshaping and sometime threatening the world.”
—Library Journal

"Becker writes history as history should be written"—The Financial Times