Overbooked by Elizabeth Becker
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“A meticulously reported and often disturbing expose of the travel industry”—The New York Times

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Elizabeth talks about OVERBOOKED

“An impassioned expose”
— The Wall Street Journal

“Her intelligently written and fascinating book shows that while the lure of travel may be timelessly human, the modern tourist industry is ever changing, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.”

“As Elizabeth Becker observes in “Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism,” her meticulously reported and often disturbing exposé of the travel industry, the world has gotten smaller — but not often for the better. A former…”
New York Times

“The definitive account of the rise of the modern tourism industry, from its beginnings as a small, fanciful pastime among elites, to its explosive growth after World War II, to its present as an economic engine valued at $7 trillion.”
Bloomberg Businessweek

“Elizabeth Becker has found a giant gap in journalistic coverage and stepped squarely into the middle of it. Even though it’s under our noses,  beneath our feet, even in our happier dreams, rarely has the investigative story she recounts in her new book previously received the coverage it deserves: The rampant growth of travel and tourism.”

“Elizabeth Becker makes a convincing case for treating tourism as the serious, consequential industry it is in “Overbooked,” her thoughtful, sometimes contentious examination of the field. Her research is personal and thorough, her goals admirable, her analysis perceptive…”
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Arthur Frommer recommends OVERBOOKED as “required reading for anyone interested in the future of travel.”

“Ms. Becker is a skilled, critical writer delivering illuminating information, telling engaging stories, and advancing her own personal observations. Overbooked appeals to a wide audience: those who make the billion trips annually; those who have a stake in the places impacted, sometimes for better, but all too often for worse, by those travelers’ visits; and all who have a stake in the global economy.”

“Elizabeth Becker’s latest book was in part, born out of frustration. The seasoned journalist, who got her start as a war correspondent, began to notice a growing global economic force; a sector of the global economy changing whole societies and ecosystems but one relegated to the lifestyle section of most major papers.”

“Will tourism in America go the way of Venice and Cambodia, or France and Costa Rica? Elizabeth Becker’s thoughtful, informed book should move that discussion along.”
Seattle Times



“A work of the first importance.”
The New York Times

“The definitive book on the Cambodian revolution…at once impassioned and impartial, the work of a woman who was there and who understands the ideals that connect this period of world history with the people who made it.”
—The Los Angles Times

“Burns with its own fire, the fire of a dedicated writer who witnessed the incomprehensible and worked long and hard to comprehend it….an impressive feat of scholarship and reporting:  intelligent, measured, resourceful, and – I do not say this lightly – courageous.”
—The Washington Post

“Monumentally impressive…Becker writes history the way history should be written.”
—The Financial Times

“This brilliant book, refurbished and updated since its original publication, is proper history, in which events begin long before they actually happen, and consequences linger.”
—The Economist

“Enfin, pourrait-on dire, le livre qu’on attendait sur le Cambodge.”
—Le Figaro Magazine

"Becker writes history as history should be written"—The Financial Times